Video Clips

A hard pulling Blue Threadfin in one of the creeks around Darwin. Blue Threadfin Salmon are the smaller, but equally hard fighting, cousins of the King Threadfin Salmon. They pull hard and give an excellent account of themselves on light tackle as you can see from this footage.

Fiesty little Queenfish gets airborne as it pulls hard against the drag of the Daiwa Certate. If you're looking to get into some hard fighting Queenfish action simply give us a call to book in and we'll get you into some reel screaming action.

Good sized Queenfish caught on a soft plastic on light spin gear in one of the bays around Darwin Harbour. Queenfish are excellent fighters particularly on light tackle and this one was no exception. Whilst it didn't get airborne as they often do, it still pulled hard against the drag.

A 4 to 5 kilo Brown Mowong caught in one of the creeks that feed into Darwin Harbour. As you can hear this fish was pulling hard against the drag. But good angling and constant pressure saw this stunning specimen find its way into the net. This is a quality fish as Mowong are typically not caught much bigger than this.

To be a successful angler you need to know how to tie strong knots that won't let you down.

One of the most important knots to master when fishing soft plastics is the Plaited Double. To learn how to tie this knot step by step, simply click on the video below.

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