Anglers Advantage Fishing Charters 6-05-2017

Anglers Advantage Fishing Charters Darwin-Lothar Grimm-Barramundi 16-02-2017Hi All, Here's the 1st report for 2017 on what's been on the water up here in the Top End and with an extended and big wet season finally behind us we hould now settel down to a good dry season and as the southern states cool down it will get busier as we roll otwards peak season in June.

The first charter for 2017 was n the 16th of February with the reward for the 1st Barramundi going to Lothar Grimm from Switzerland where Lothar also dropped another nice Barra.

Saturday the 18th of February I had my regular mates Denis Fuller and Dave Flynn from Newcastle out with me for a full day charter seeing the guys nab 38 Silver Trevally, 11 Golden Trevally, 7 Golden Snapper, 15 Queenfish, 6 Moses Perch, 8 Cod and 1 Bream.

Monday February 20th it was John Elson from the Gold Coast and Steve Elson from Rockhampton seeing John get 1 Tuskfish, 1 Golden trevally, 2 Silver Trevally, 1 Golden Snapper, 3 Batfish and 3 Cod. Steve bagged 1 Golden Trevally, 1 Silver Trevally, 3 Queenfish, 1 Batfish and 2 Cod.

Tuesday 21st and it was Christine, Candice and Gavin Bensen with Caroline coming tops with a Silver Mowong, 1 Tuskfish, 2 Queenfish and a Trevally. Christine nabbed a Golden Snapper, 1 Tuskfish, 4 Cod and 2 Trevally while Gavin nabbed just the 1 Trevally.

Friday 24th of February I had Michael Doran and Rob power from Melbourne out with me with Michael getting 1 Mackerel, 1 Blue Threadfin, 1 Javelin, 6 Golden Snapper and a Trevally. Rob got 10 Golden Snapper, 1 Javelin and 1 Trevally.

Sunday 26th Feb I was out with Julie Rannard and Dave Batic with Dave getting 1 Queenfish, 1 Barramundi, 1 Catfish and a Golden Snapper while Julie nabbed a Golden Snapper and a Bream.

With the wet down on us again it was Thursday 9th of March before I was out again with Lara Decourcy and Matt Donnelly with Lara getting 3 Javelin while Matt nabbed 2 Javeli, 2 Golden Snapper and a Blue Threadfin Salmon.

Saturday the 11th of March I had John Kelly and Tony Knight out with me seeing John get a Mangrove Jack, a Blue Threadfin Salmon, 1 Flathead and a Catfish while Tony bagged a Bream

Monday the 13th it was a half day stint with Dean Plutino and Tony Wright from Adelaide with Dean catching 2 Golden Trevally, 10 Silver Trevally and 5 Queenfish while Tony got 3 Golden Trevally, 8 Silver Trevally, 3 Queenfish and a Long Tom for the session.

Wednesday the 15th it was Andrew Seach and Larna Morrisson from Gunnedah, NSW where Andrew bagged 5 Queenfish, 2 Golden Trevally and 3 Silver Trevally and Larna nabbed 3 Golden Trevally, 2 Queenfish and 6 Silver Trevally.

Thursday March 16th it was a full day with Elske Raedts from Holland and Alasdair Tyrell with Elske getting a Tarpon, 1 Queenfish, 1 Golden Trevally, 3 Silver Trevally and a Moses Perch. Alasdair got 1 Mackerel, 6 Trevally, 1 Queenfish, 1 Bream and a Tarpon.

Sunday March 19th I had John Pocock and Pat Mccrohan from Melbourne for a full day with John getting 4 Golden Snapper, 4 Queenfish, 2 Javelin, 1 Trevally and a Cod. Pat caught 4 Golden Snapper, 2 Javelin and 9 Queenfish for the day.

Tuesday March 15th I had John Maslowski from Melbourne out for a full day with me seeing him catch 3 Queenfish, 1 Golden Trevally, 3 Silver Trevally, 3 Golden Snapper, 1 Javelin, 1 Nightfish and a Tuskfish for the day.

Wednesday March 22nd it was Patrick Brincat, Stewart Ghongson and Annette Chornel out for a half day stint with Patrick's tally being 4 Silver Trevally, 2 Golden Snapper, 1 Batfish and a Mackerel. Stewart got 5 Trevally, 1 Golden Snapper and a Moses Perch while Annette got 4 Trevally and 2 Golden Snapper.

Sunday March 26th I did a half day with Steve Meredith from Melbourne seeing him bag a Blue Threadfin Salmon, 2 Trevally, 2 Golden Snapper and 2 Javelin.

Rain again interrupted play until Thursday 6th of April where I was out with Brett and Darlene McGrath from Brisbane for a half day seeing Brett get 5 Cod, 3 Queenfish and 3 Trevally. Darlene got 1 Golden Snapper, 3 Golden Trevally, 3 Silver Trevally, 3 Queenfish and a Cod.

Saturday the 8th it was Paul Sheedy, Michael Wilke and James Deerain from Beau Dessert, QLD where Paul got a Barracuda, 3 Queenfish, 1 Silver Trevally, 2 Golden Trevally and 2 Golden Snapper. Michael nabbed a Queenfish and a Catfish while James bagged 2 Javelin, a Bream and a Trevally.

On the Sunday 9th April it was Alan and Damian Bellew from Brisbane with Alan getting 2 Javelin, 2 Catfish, 1 Bream, 3 Queenfish, 1 Golden Trevally and 1 Silver Trevally. Damian nabbed 1 Flathead, 3 Golden Trevally, 3 Queenfish, 1 Trevally, 3 Cod and a Bream.

Thursday April 13th I had Gary Robinso, AJ Hatch and Jed Shepard out with me for a half day with Gary getting 1 Javelin, 1 Cod, 1 Flathead and 4 Golden Snapper, Jed nabbed 1 Flathead and a Golden Snapper while AJ got a Golden Snapper, Trevally and a Catfish.

Friday 14th and it was Brendan and Mary Chambers along with John Herrmann where Brendan got a Trevally and a Golden Snapper with John getting 2 Golden Snapper.

Saturday I had a half day morning crew of Shaun and Kristy Phillips from Inverell, NSW with Shaun getting 2 Golden Trevally, 7 Silver Trevally and 12 Queenfish while Kristy nabbed 3 Golden Trevally and 6 Silver Trevally. The after noonsaw me back out with Geoff and Beverly Schmidt fro Toowoomba, QLD with Geoff getting 2 Golden Snapper and 2 Trevally while Beverly nabbed a Catfish, 3 Golden Snapper, 2 Javelin and a Trevally.

Wednesday April 19th it was Ralph Brown, Tia Johnson and Belinda Johnson with Ralph getting 2 Queenfish, 2 Trevally and a Batfish. Tia nabbed 2 Queenfish and a Trevally while Belinda got 1 Golden Trevally, 2 Silver Trevally and a Queenfish.

Thursday 2oth April it was Ian Dobbie from Sydney along with Cheryl Hicks from Melbourne and Peter Clowes from Toowoomba with Ian getting a Striped Snapper, 1 Blue Threadfin Salmon, 2 Trevally and a Queenfish, Cheryl caught 2 Queenfish while Peter bagged 2 Trevally.

Saturday April 22nd I did a half day with Paul Hitchcock, Steve Lamb and steve Chester seeing Paul get 2 Golden Trevally, 2 Silver Trevally and a Silver Mowong, Steve Lamb nabbed a Golden Snapper, Golden Trevally and a Queenfish wile Steve Chester bagged a Golden Snapper, 2 Trevally and 2 Queenfish.

Sunday the 23rd I did a full day with Warick Hansen and Matt Jones with Warick getting 4 Trevally, 2 Queenfish, 1 Magrove Jack and 2 Cod. Matt bagged 15 trevally, 3 Queenfish, 4 Golden Snapper, 4 Trevally and 3 Cod.

Sunday 30th of April I did a half day with Rob Taylor and Lindsay Tomlinson seeing Rob nab 1 Queenfish and a Golden Snapper while Lindsay got a Queenfish and a Mangrove Jack.

Friday May 5th it was John Cox from Brisbane, John Polglaze from Melbourne and Chad Ferrari from Exmouth with Chad bagging a Tarpon, 4 Golden Snapper, 2 Golden Trevally, 4 Silver Trevally, 1 Queenfish and a Cod. John Polglaze nabbed 2 Golden Trevally, 2 Silver Trevally, 2 Golden Snapper and a Queenfish while John Cox nabbed a Mackerel, 4 Golden Snapper, 5 Silver Trevally, 2 Golden Trevally, 3 Queenfish and 2 Batfish.

Ok Guys, that's all until next time, Until Then....Tight Lines And Screaming Reels To You All, Brian From Anglers Advantage Fishing Charters Darwin, Number 1 In Soft Plastics And Light Tackle Sports Fishing Covering Darwin Harbour And It's Feeder Creek Systems.



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