Anglers Advantage Fishing Charters Darwin 23-10-2016

Neill With A Tarpon 17-10-2016

Neill With A Tarpon 17-10-2016

Hi All, it's the tail end of the tourist season here in Darwin and as we head into the wet season things begin to slow down on the charter front but it's not a bad time to be on the water chasing the iconic Barramundi in the creek systems on the low spring tides. A bit of fresh in the systems turn them on along with the humidity that we don't like, they can switch it on at the drop of a hat. Here's the latest report on who's been out and what's been caught over the last few weeks.

Monday the 29th of August I had a half day morning session with Beth Kealley and Jasmine Hardie from Parkes, NSW along with Wayne Rigg from Ballarat, VIC seeing Beth nab 3 Trevally and a Cod, Jasmine nabbed the exact same and Wayne bagged 2 Trevally and a Flathead for the stint.

Tuesday August 30th and it was Jenny and Steve Simtinovic along with John Summerhays from NZ. Jenny got 4 Trevally and a Javelin, Steve bagged 4 Trevally, 1 Javelin and a Cod while John caught 4 Trevally, 1 Bream and a Flathead.

Thursday September 1st I did a 1 on 1 session with John Page from Buderim, QLD where he nabbed 1 Golden Snapper, 2 Javelin and a Trevally.

September 2nd I did a full day charter with Howard Brokman from Perth and Sam Dunstan from Adelaide seeing Sam get 1 Javelin, 3 Golden Snapper, 1 Catfish, 1 Flathead and a Trevally. Howard got 1 Queenfish, 1 Mangrove Jack and 4 Golden Snapper for the day.

Saturday September 3rd I had Troy Carmona, Chris Arrington and Justin Mikesell from the USA out with me with the tally coming in at Justin-1 Queenfish, 2 Trevally and a Golden Snapper, Chris-1 Brown Mowong and a Queenfish, Troy-3 Trevally and a Cod.

Monday September 5th on better tides I had Daniel Mead from Adelaide and David Read from Sydney out with me where Daniel caught 4 Queenfish, 1 Trevally, 1 Javelin, 3 Moses Perch, 2 Golden Snapper, 1 Cod and a Long Tom. David nabbed 1 Golden Snapper, 1 Queenfish, 1 Moses Perch and 2 Trevally.

Thursday 8th September it was Adrian Malcolm and Aaron Farrugia from Melbourne where Aaron got 1 Queenfish and a Trevally and Adrian nabbed 2 Queenfish.

Tuesday 13th September it was Dave Yuile and Art Cartwright on a half day stint where Dave nabbed a nice Blue Threadfin Salmon, 1 Golden Snapper and 2 Javelin while Art nabbed just a Golden Snapper for the stint.

Thursday 15th I did a morning stint with Aaron Farrugia from Melbourne and James Thurley from Tweed Heads, NSW with Aaron getting 8 Trevally and 2 Queenfish while James nabbed 5 Trevally. In the afternoon I had Caesar Dal-Farra from Milldura, VIC along with Wally and Mak Rusanov from Canberra where Wally nabbed a Javelin and Mark a Queenfish.

Friday 16th and it was a morning crew consisting of Robin Mcpherson, Jade Bradshaw and Michael Brooks from Sydney. Michael nabbed a feisty Tarpon and a Golden Snapper while Jade nabbed a Golden Snapper and Robin a Flathead and a Catfish. The afternoon crew were Natalie and Peter Fowler from Brisbane along with Nigel Saddle where Nigel got 2 Queenfish, Natalie caught 1 Javelin and a Golden Snapper and Peter a Tuskfish.

Wednesday 21st it was Ross Wheeler and Kate Hoskin from Melbourne with Ross getting 2 Trevally and 2 Queenfish and Kate nabbing a Batfish.

Thursday the 22nd it was Ben and Graham Waldock from Brisbane with Ben getting 3 Trevally and 2 Queenfish and Graham nabbing a Mackerel, Queenfish, Trevally and a Flathead. The afternoon had me with Rhys Leslie and Chelsea and Sarah with Rhys getting a Flathead and a Golden Snapper, Chelsea nabbing a Catfish and a Cod and Sarah a Bream.

Friday 23rd I had Sean Murtagh, Johnno Schmidt and Andrew Dretvic out with me with Andrew nabbing 2 Queenfish, Sean a Golden Trevally and Johnno 2 Trevally.

Sunday 25th September it was Garreth Shackleton from Perth, Jason Fitzgerald and Bernice Pearsall my partner here in Darwin. Garreth got 20 Trevally, 10 Queenfish, 1 Longtom, 1 Cod and 2 Moses Perch. Jason nabbed a Golden Trevally, 1 Javelin and a Cod while Bernie nabbed 1 Batfish, 20 Trevally and 6 Queenfish.

Monday 26th it was Joseph Brook from the UK and Simon Garraway from Melbourne. Joseph nabbed 2 Queenfish, 1 Trevally, 3 Tuskfish, 4 Cod and a Blue Threadfin Salmon while Simon bagged 3 Queenfish, 1 Trevally, 4 Tuskfish and 4 Cod.

Tuesday 27th I had Max Robertson from Hervey Bay, Qld, Mitch Evans from Ballarat, VIC and Ben Opie from Mt Gambier, SA where Max got a Golden Snapper, Ben a Queenfish, Trevally and a Golden Snapper and Mitch a Cod, Catfish and a Flathead.

Wednesday 28th it was Trina Rice and Patrica and Jason Davenport from Melbourne with Patrica nabbing 1 Trevally, 2 Queenfish, 3 Tuskfish and a Moses Perch. Jason nabbed 1 Queenfish, 3 Tuskfish, 3 Cod and a Trevally.

October the 3rd I was back on the water with Alarna Grantham from Newcastle, NSW along with Stephen Bree and Jake Sarrinen seeing Stephen bag a Barramundi and a Javelin while Jake clipped a Ray in it's wing along with a Rock Cod.

Tuesday October 4th it was Kym Simons and Graham Taylor from the Sunshine Coast, QLD along with Robin Van Petegem from Belgium. Kym got a Golden Snapper while Robin bagged 2 Golden Snapper and a Flathead for the session.

Wednesday October 5th I had Vladimir Van Wittenbeighe along with Guillaume Vovard and Troy Park from Newcastle, NSW. Vladimir bagged a Golden Trevally, 1 Queenfish and 2 Silver Trevally for the session, Guillaume caught 2 Golden Trevally, 3 Queenfish and 2 Silver Trevally while Troy bagged a Queenfish.

Thursday the 6th I had a morning crew of Damian, Will and Isaac Dwyer from Toowoomba, QLD where Damian caught 1 Queenfish, Will bagged a Golden Trevally, 1 Silver Trevally and a Queenfish and Isaac caught a Blue Threadfin Salmon and a Queenfish. The afternoon had me back out with Ashleigh and Dave Pearson from Hornsby, NSW along with Troy Park again seeing Troy bag 2 Barramundi and Ashleigh get 2 Flathead, 1 Trevally and a Javelin Fish.

Friday October 7th and it was a generation of Richard Pykenott ( Grandfather, Father and Son-All Richard's ) seeing the guys all get Blue Threadfin Salmon-6 in total along with 2 Queenfish. In the afternoon I had Peter and Julie Caudwell along with Jake where Julie nabbed a Javelin and a Golden Snapper and seeing Peter bag a Barramundi and a Golden Snapper while Jake bagged 2 Bream.

Saturday  the 8th I was out with Scott Alberni from Echuca, VIC along with Luke Finnegan from Murchison, VIC and Wayne Rowe from East Gippsland, VIC seeeing Luke get a Barramundi and Wayne nab a Tarpon and a Trevally while Scott caught a Javelin for the stint.

Sunday the 9th of October I had a half day charter with Emma, Cameron and Jason Forbes from Sydney. Jason nabbed 3 Trevally and 2 Queenfish while Cameron bagged 3 Trevally, 2 Queenfish and a Tuskfish. Emma got 4 Queenfish, 4 Trevally and a Javelin.

Tuesday the 11th I did a one on one session with Joel Cabone from Wollongong, NSW where he caught 6 Trevally, 4 Queenfish and 2 Cod.

Friday October 15th and it was Jim Bown from Tin Can Bay, QLD and Rob Aked where Jim caught a nice 80cm Queenfish, 1 Golden Trevally, 3 Silver Trevally, 2 Tuskfish and a Flathead. Rob nabbed 2 Trevally, 2 Tuskfish, 1 Queenfish and a Cod.

Tuesday the 18th I had Bruce Dixon and Neill Loughrey frim Brisbane out with me where Neill got a nice Tarpon, 1 Barramundi, 1 Flathead and a Catfish while Bruce nabbed just a Catfish.

Wednesday 19th I had a stint with Brad Kendall and Angus Chambers from Newcastle, NSW seeing Brad nab 3 Catfish, 1 Flathead and a Cod while Angus nabbed  just a Catfish.

Thursday the 20th I had a one on one session with Brett Gibon from Perth, WA seeing him nab a Queenfish and a Golden Snapper.

Monday 24th I had Jim Butcher and Jason Mills from Sydney out with me where the two boys got 2 Trevally a piece.

Tuesday the 25th and it was Glenn Tickner and Brady Anderson from Bunbury, WA where Glen nabbed 3 Cod, 1 Javelin, 2 Queenfish, 4 Trevally and a Golden Snapper. Brady caught a impressive Wolf Herring, 1 Blue Threadfin Salmon, 6 Trevally, 1 Queenfish, 2 Javelin and a Cod.

Wednesday 26th I had Glenn and Brady back out with me again where the boys again got into the species nabbing A Coral Trout, 8 Tuskfish, 16 Cod, 3 Trevally, 2 Golden Snapper, 2 Javelin and a Queenfish.

That's all until the next report everyone and as the rains begin to come down it'll be time for holidays but will continue to work between the showers so stay tuned and check us out on facebook for daily reports. Until Then Tight Lines And Screaming Reels To You All....Brian From Anglers Advantage Fishing Charters Darwin, Number one in Personalised Soft Plastics And Light Tackle Sports Fishing Tuition.







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