Anglers Advantage Fishing Charters Darwin 29-07-2016

Anglers Advantage Fishing Charters Darwin-Brent Bates-Brown Mowong 20-07-2016Hey Everyone, Welcome to my new look website for Darwin 2016, flat stick time of year at the moment up here in Darwin as we are in the peak of our dry season and everyone tracks north to escape the cold winter months down south. Here's the latest report on what's been happening on the water over the last few weeks.
Saturday the 18th of June I had David Byrne from Avalon, NSW along with Lyndon Forconge from the Sunshine Coast, QLD out with me for a half day stint seeing Lyndon catch 3 Golden Snapper, 1 Mangrove Jack, 2 Javelin, 2 Trevally and a Cod for the session. David nabbed a Brown Mowong and a Cod.
Monday the 2oth of June and it was Hayden Smith from Melbourne and Cody Penwill also from Melbourne for a full day charter seeing Hayden nab a Tarpon, 1 Barramundi, 2 Queenfish, 3 Trevally, 2 Holden Trevally, 2 Golden Snapper and a Catfish. Cody's tally was 5 Golden Snapper, 1 Golden Trevally, 2 Queenfish, 4 Silver Trevally, 1 Brown Mowong, 2 Bream and a Long Tom.
Wednesday the 22nd of June I had Nick Anderson and Jeana Thornell from Melbourne out for a half day stint with Nick getting 3 Queenfish and 2 Trevally while Jeana caught 1 Brown Mowong, 1 Golden Snapper and a Trevally.
Thursday 23rd and it was a half day session with Paul and Jack O Brien from Melbourne and David Scicluna. Jack caught 1 Flathead, 4 Bream and a Golden Trevally, Paul bagged 2 Queenfish, 1 Golden Snapper and a Silver Trevally while David nabbed 1 Blue Threadfin Salmon and a Queenfish.
Saturday 25th it was Tim and Cooper Lillie from Adelaide for a half day session with Cooper getting 2 Cod while Tim nabbed 2 Golden Snapper and a Cod.
Sunday the 26th I had Brad, Lochlan and Jemina Sketon out with me where Bard nabbed 1 Trevally, 1 Bream, 2 Javelin, 1 Golden trevally and a Golden Snapper. Lochlan got 2 Golden Snapper while Jemina nabbed 1 Queenfish, 1 Golden Snapper and a Cod.
Monday June 27th I it was the turn of David Chandler and Don Clarkson with David nabbing 1 Bream, 1 Trevally, 1 Estaury Cod, 2 Golden Snapper and a Catfish. Don caught 2 Golden Snapper and a Trevally for the stint.
Tuesday 28th I had Lindsay Harbour, Kevin Hicks and Paul Hutton out for a half day charter. Kevin caught 2 Bream and 2 Trevally, Lindsay nabbed 1 Queenfish and a Toadfish! while Paul bagged 2 Bream, 2 Trevally, 2 Queenfish and a Moses Perch.
Wednesday 29th of June in the morning stint it was Bev and Neil Mills with Bev getting 1 Queenfish, 3 Bream and a Tuskfish while Neil nabbed just the 1 Catfish. Different story on the afternoon tides where I had Jeffrey Genn from Sydney along with Julie and Bruce Reid. Jeffrey bagged 2 Silver Trevally, 2 Moses Perch, 9 Javelin, 1 Golden Trevally and a Cod. Julie nabbed a Golden Trevally, 6 Javelin and a Silver Trevally while Bruce nabbed just the 2 Javelin for the session.
Thursday 30th and it was Graeme and Jenelle Baulch from Port Fairy along with Stephen Rideout from Perth. Graeme's tally was 5 Javelin, 2 Cod, 1 Golden Snapper and 2 Trevally. Jenelle caught 8 Javelin, 2 Silver Trevally and a Golden Trevally while Stephen bagged 10 Javelin, 1 Queenfish, 4 Golden Snapper and 3 Trevally.
Friday July 1st it was a morning crew of Carolyn and Edward Kuchel from Swan Hill, VIC where Edward caught 2 Javelin, 1 Golden Snapper and a Trevally and Caroyln caught 4 Golden Snapper and 2 Trevally. In the afternoon I had Jaclie, Niall and Nick Tebbett from Melbourne where Nick fared best getting 3 Trevally, 1 Queenfish, 1 Javelin and a Golden Snapper, Niall bagged 2 Trevally and a Golden Snapper.
July 3rd and it was again a half day stint with Cameron Bailey, Alan Sellars and Aaron Fisher with Cameron nabbing a much prized Barramundi and a Mangrove Jack. Alan nabbed a Flathead and a Trevally with Aaron out for a duck.
Monday 4th it was a full day charter with Ross Murray from Tuncunny, NSW along with Stuart Dannley with Ross catching 1 Brown Mowong, 2 Golden Trevally, 4 Silver Trevally, 3 Javelin, 6 Golden Snapper and 2 Cod. Stuart caught 4 Golden Snapper, 1 Catfish, 6 Javelin, 1 Tarpon, 1 Bream, 4 Trevally and 2 Cod.
Tuesday 5th July I did a half day charter with Stefan, Joar and Christen Soderholm with Stefan getting 1 Javelin and 2 Golden Snapper, Joar bagged 3 Golden Snapper and 2 Trevally and Christen got a Bream and a Javelin.
Wednesday 6th of July it was Tara Graetz and Justin Rowe from Adelaide along with Mark Stead from Newcastle, NSW where Tara bagged 1 Javelin and 2 Trevally, Justin got 2 Catfish, 1 Trevally, 1 Cod and a Javelin and Mark caught 1 Cod and a Trevally.
Thursday July 7th it was a morning crew consisting of Danny Graboval and Jess Moroney and Todd Lanagan where Todd nabbed a Broadbar Mackerle, Danny bagged a Bream and a Moses Perch and Jess nabbed a Trevally. The afternoon crew were Beau, Rio and Riays Mulligan from New Zealand where Riays caught 1 Javelin, 1 Golden Snapper, 2 Trevally and a Bream. Rio nabbed a Trevally and a big Toadfish while Beau bagged 2 Trevally and a Javelin.
Friday July 8th and it was back to back half day stints again with Fiona Gardner from Darwin along with Leanne Kitchen from Brisbane and Jeff Windsor with Leanne catching 3 Blue Threadfin Salmon, 1 Queenfish and a Flathead, Fiona caught a Golden Trevally and a Blue Threadfin Salmon and Jeff nabbed just the 1 blue Threadfin Salmon. In the afternoon I had Dj Kneipp from Dalby, QLD along with Ellen Greaves out with me where Ellen caught 5 Trevally and Dj nabbed 7 Trevally and a Catfish.
Saturday July 9th and a morning crew of Greg Cornish Tasmania along with Daryl Lyons from Nullwarre where Greg nabbed a Queenfish and Daryl bagged a Blue Threadfin Salmon.
On the Sunday it was a morning crew of Matthew and Peter Marinovic along with David Hughes from Foster, NSW where Matthew bagged 4 Javelin, 3 Trevally, 1 Batfish and 3 Golden Snapper. Peter caught 2 Javelin, 1 Blue Threadfin Salmon and a Batfish and David nabbed a Nightfish, Javelin and a Trevally. In the afternoon I had Gary Gallard from Woy Woy, NSW along with Steve Clarke and Barry Casey. Gary nabbed 3 Trevally and a Golden Snapper, Steve got 3 Trevally and Barry bagged 2 Trevally, 1 Javelin and a Mangrove Jack.
Monday July 11th I had Steve Harbor along with Jake Casey and Emily Shadbolt with Steve getting 1 Blue Threadfin Salmon, 9 Queenfish, 4 Trevally, 4 Golden Snapper and 2 Trevally. Jake nabbed 2 Queenfish, 1 Cod, 2 trevally, 2 Golden Snapper and a Javelin. Emily caught 5 Golden Snapper, 2 Javelin and 2 Trevally.
Tuesday 12th of August it was a half day stint with Eileen Catley from the Gold Coast, David Carter from Williams, WA and Geoff Spiers from Adelaide where Eileen got 6 Trevally and a Golden Snapper, David got 4 Trevally, 1 Golden Snapper and a Flathead and Geoff nabbed 4 Golden Snapper, 2 Trevally and a Flathead.
Wednesday I had Carl and Jack Vernino from Melbourne with Jack getting a nice 80cm Queenfish, 3 Cod, 1 Tuskfish and a Bream, Carl nabbed 2 Trevally and 2 Cod for the session.
Saturday 16th it was Joel and Paul Philpott along with Derek Jones where Joel bagged a Blue Threadfin Salmon, 6 Trevally, 2 Bream and 2 Cod. Paul got a Golden Trevally, 6 Silver Trevally and 4 Bream. Derek caught 1 Golden Trevally, 3 Silver Trevally, 2 Bream and 2 Tuskfish.
Sunday 17th of July I had Frank and Mark Luke from Tasmania out with me where Frank bagged a nice 80cm Queenfish, 4 Bream, 12 Silver Trevally and a Golden Trevally. Mark's tally was 3 Queenfish, 5 Bream, 11 Trevally and 1 Flathead
Monday I had a full day stint with Dave Strathen Snr and Jnr from Lithgow, NSW where the boys had a cracker of a day with Dave Snr getting 1 Barracuda, 40 Trevally, 3 Bream, 6 Queenfish, 1 Golden Snapper, 2 Moses Perch, 1 Cod and 2 Javelin, Dave Jnr caught 50 Trevally, 15 Bream, 4 Golden Snapper, 1 Queenfish, 1 Golden Trevally and 2 Cod.
Tuesday 19th of July it was Lachie Mullins from Melbourne and Michael Crouch now residing in Singapore along with Ian Cross from Melbourne. Lachie nabbed 2 Golden Snapper, 8 Trevally and a Queenfish, Michael got 7 Trevally, 2 Bream, 1 Golden Snapper, 1 Mangrove Jack and a Javelin while Ian bagged 3 Bream, 5 Trevally and a Mangrove Jack for the session.
Wednesday in the morning crew I had Norm Mcpherson from Moora, WA along with Patrick and Harry Sergi from Griffith, NSW. Norm nabbed 3 Trevally and a Javelin. Patrick got 2 Trevally and a Bream whileHarry nabbed 1 Tarpon, 3 Javelin, 1 Mangrove Jack and 4 Trevally. The afternoon crew were Daniel Barnsley from Karratha, WA, Steve Donnelly from Rockingham, WA and Brent Bates from Perth, WA. Daniel got 1 Brown Mowong, 6 Trevally and a Bream. Steve nabbed 1 Golden Snapper, 3 Trevally, 1 Queenfish and a Bream while Brent bagged 6 Trevally, 1 Brown Mowong, 3 Golden Snapper, 1 Bream and 4 Javelin for the stint.
Thursday 21st of July mornings session had me with Don and Dale Burrows from Canberra along with Ian Potts from Adelaide where Dale caught a Barracuda and a Trevally and Don nabbed 1 Queenfish, 3 Trevally and 2 Bream while Ian nabbed 1 Golden Snapper, 1 Bream, 1 trevally, 1 Longtom and a Cod. The afternoon crew were Neill Cuthbert, Leo Kelly from Windsor, NSW and Grant Hughes from Perth. Neill got 2 Queenfish, 4 Trevally and a Cod. Leo got 1 Golden Snapper, 1 Bream and 2 Trevally while Grant caught 1 Golden Snapper, 2 Trevally and a Cod.
Friday 22nd it was a full day stint with Denis Loveday from Perth, WA and Peter Nesbitt along with John Troth from the Blue Mountains, NSW. Denis caught 1 Golden Snapper, 3 Trevally and a Javelin. John bagged 1 Blue Threadfin Salmon, 1 Barracuda, 3 Javelin and 2 Trevally while Peter bagged 5 Javelin, 2 Bream, 2 Golden Snapper, 1 Broadbar Mackerel, 1 Trevally, 1 Brown Mowong and a Javelin.
Sunday the 24th in the morning I had Fiona Gardner from here in Darwin along with Helen George from Brisbane. Helen bagged 3 Batfish, 1 Queenfish, 1 Cod and a Trevally while Fiona nabbed a Golden Trevally. The afternoon saw me back out with Georgina Chumbley from Darwin, Ashley Sanders from Shepparton, VIC and Chris Frame from Brisbane. Chris nabbed a nice Brown Mowong, 1 Golden Snapper, a Bream and a Catfish, Georgina bagged 2 Trevally and a Flathead while Ashley caught 3 Javelin.
Monday 25th of July I had Trent Cobban from Albury, NSW along with Dave Miles from Adelaide where Trent got stuck into the species nabbing 1 Barracuda, 5 Trevally, 1 Bream, a Mangrove Jack, 10 Golden Snapper, 1 Cod, 3 Batfish, 1 Flathead and a Javelin. Dave caught 1 Queenfish, 3 Mangrove Jack, 3 Golden Snapper and a Trevally.
Tuesday 26th and a half day stint had me with Ji Matthews from Darwin along with Doug Trott and Don Keating from Sydney where Ji caught 3 Javelin and a Catfish, Doug nabbed 2 Javelin and a Cod and Don nabbed 2 Javelin.
Wednesday 27th it was Bill and Howard Park from Melbourne along with Justin Vance from the USA with in windy conditions and neap tides the guys struggled with Justin nabbing 1 Javelin, 1 Flathead and 1 Trevally while Howard nabbed 2 Golden Snapper and Bill was out for a duck.
Thursday the 28th and in the morning session I had Henry and Linda Souchon from Kalgoorlie, WA along with Duane Whelan from Perth. Henry caught 1 Golden Trevally, 1 Bream, 1 Queenfish, 1 Silver Trevally and a Long Tom. Linda nabbed a Barracuda,2 Queenfish and a Bream while Duane caught 1 Queenfish, 1 Bream and a Long Tom for the session. In the afternoon I had Russell Hanna from Sydney and Luke Cosson from Melbourne out with me where Luke caught 4 nice Queenfish, 4 Javelin and 4 Trevally while Russell nabbed 4 Bream, 1 Queenfish, 6 Trevally and 2 Javelin Fish.
That's the full rap on what's been happening on the water over the last few weeks everyone, Until the next time,.... Tight Lines And Screaming Reels To You All, Brian From Anglers Advantage Fishing Charters, Number One In Soft Plastics Tuition And Light Tackle Sports Fishing Covering Darwin Harbour And Its Surrounding Feeder Creek Systems.

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