Anglers Advantage Fishing Charters Darwin 16-03-2016

Hi All, as we roll into the 2016 season and we are awaiting the dry to arrive here's a little bit of a report on what's been happening over the last few weeks and some dribs and drabs just to get a little bit up to date and will give you more routine updates as we settle in to the season. Over the last few months in the wet ( thought it's been one of the driest on record ) I generally take holidays and take it a bit easier in the humid conditions just fitting in charters here and there along the way and below is a brief report.

Saturday the 23rd of January I had Redmond and Margo Hoyte out with me for a half day session seeing Redmond get a Blue Threadfin Salmon, 3 Golden Snapper, 3 Javelin and a Cod while Margo nabbed a Golden Snapper.

January 24th I took out Criag, Louise and Jenna Watts from the Douglas Daly region in the NT. Craig nabbed a Bream and a Catfish while Louise also nabbed a Catty and a Javelin fish with Jenna getting a Queenfish and a Bream.

January 25th it was Tyson Yates and Claudia Caspers from Sydney for a half day stint with Tyson getting a Flathead, Catfish and a Bream and Claudia caught a Barramundi, Bream and a Catfish.

January Tuesday the 26t I had David and Katherine Martin from Sydney where David caught a Tarpon, Flathead, Javelin and a Catfish while Katherine caught just a Catfish for the session.

January 28thI was out with Kevin Holgate from here in Darwin along with Mitch Savuro from Townsville with Mitch nabbing a Queenfish, 2 Trevally and a Cod. Kevin caught 2 Queenfish, 5 Trevally and a Cod for the session.

Sunday February the 7th I had Luke Forbes from Melbourne and Timmy Samiotics from Albany, WA out for a full day charter with Timmy getting 8 Golden Snapper, 3 Queenfish, 3 Javelin Fish, 4 Bream, 2 Cod and 8 Trevally. Luke caught a Tarpon, 1 Cod, 1 Glden Snapper, 2 Javelin and 2 Queenfish.

Tuesday February 23rd I brought out Rob Power and Mick Doran from Melbourne for the morning session seeing rob nab 1 Queenfish, 1 Golden Trevally, 2 Silver Trevally, 3 Golden Snapper and a Javelin. Mick caught 1 Queenfish, 1 Golden Trevally, 1 Silver Trevally, 3 Golden Snapper and a Javelin. The afternoon session saw me out with Dani Verhaeghe from Texas, USA and Peter Gumbert from Sydney. Dani caught 1 Trevally, 1 Tarpon, 3 Javelin, 1 Cod and a Golden Snapper. Peter nabbed 2 Golden Snapper, 2 Javelin Fish, 1 Trevally, 1 Cod and a Catfish.

February 24th I had a morning stint with Paul Santos from Melbourne and Tommy Stark from Perth with Paul getting 2 Golden Snapper, 1 Javelin and a Flathead. Tommy nabbed 2 Golden Snapper, 1 Javelin and a Catfish.

Friday 4th March I brought out Chris Reid and Mandy Van-De-Belogt from Perth with Many nabbing a nice Tarpon while Chris nabbed a Queenfish, 2 Golden Snapper and 2 Cod.

Wednesday March 9th I had Michael Zupanic from Adelaide out with me where he got into the species nabbing a Blue Threadfin Salmon, 1 Javelin, 1 Barramundi, 2 Queenfish, 1 Mangrove Jack, 1 Flathead, 2 Bream, 4 Cod and 2 Golden Snapper.

Friday March 11th I had a morning crew of Geofrey Upward from the Sunshine Coast, Jim Zender from Hobart and Chris Adams from here in the NT. Geofrey caught just the 1 Queenfish, Jim  Nabbed a Trevally while Chris caught 2 Golden Snapper and 2 Estuary Cod. The afternoon crew were Noel Fabre and Matt Holland from Eppalock, VIC. Noel caught 1 Flathead, 1 Cod, 1 Javelin and a Trevally. Matt bagged 2 Trevally, 1 Flathead, 1 Estuary Cod, 3 Golden Snapper, 2 Javelin and a Cod.

Saturday the 12th of March I was out in the morning with Chris Hall and Paul Matthews from here in Darwin where the boys got stuck in the Queenfish with Paul nabbing 11 of them while Chris caught 6 Queenfish and a Brown Mowong. The afternoon saw me out  with Brendan O Shea from the Solomon Islands and Robert Horton from Adelaide with Brendan getting a Javelin Fish, Trevally and 2 Catfish. Robert nabbed a Golden Snapper and a Trevally for the session.

Sunday March 13th and I was out on the Queenfish again with father and son team John and Jason Green from Geelong, VIC with John getting 4 and Jason nabbing 5 for the session.

That's just a brief report and all for the time being Guys and Gals. As I write this we have a bit of a low pressure trough hanging around producing a bit f rain and wind but it should clear in a few days and as we roll into the dry and the season kicks off I'll keep you more up to date on what's happening on the water up here in Darwin.

Until next time, Tight Lines and Screaming Reels To You All, Brian From Anglers Advantage Fishing Charters, Number One In Personalised Tuition on Soft plastics And Light Tackle Sports Fishing Covering Darwin Harbour And Surrounds.


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