Anglers Advantage Fishing Charters Darwin 25-03-2015

Hi All, Been slack I know and a long time since my last report but with the wet season I took the month of February off and travelled overseas and also moved apartments. Back into the mix now in March and with the dry season approaching it's already been full on over the last few weeks and I will endeavour to keep you posted more regularly on what's happening on the water up here in Darwin as the 2015 season rolls in.

Thursday the 5th March in the morning session I had Nathan and Kerry Macdonald from Adelaide along with Nathan's cousin Jen from Canada seeing Jen nab 3 Golden Snapper, 3 Javelin Fish and a Estuary Cod. Nathan bagged 2 Golden Snapper, 2 Javelin Fish and 2 Trevally while Kerry nabbed 2 Javelin, 2 Golden Snapper and 2 Trevally. The afternoon session had me back out with Craig Bamess and George Hams also from Adelaide where on the high tides George caught a Queenfish and a Trevally while Craig nabbed a Silver Mowong, Brown Mowong, Tuskfish and a Golden Trevally.

Friday 6th March it was Liz Brisby and Wayne Bower from Bathurst where Liz nabbed 6 Golden Snapper, 5 Javelin Fish, a Flathead and a Cod while Wayne got 8 Javelin Fish, 5 Golden Snapper, a Trevally and a Tarpon.

Saturday the 7th I had a full day stint with Neil and George Woodburn from Perth seeing Neil catch 12 Golden Snapper, 8 Javelin Fish, 2 Queenfish, 1 Trevally, a Flathead and 3 Catfish. George's tally was 8 Golden Snapper, 6 Javelin Fish, 2 Silver Trevally, 1 Golden Trevally and a Flathead.

Sunday 8th march I had Ian Foulsham, Lewis Cameron and Jarrod Baily out for a half day charter with the tally being Lewis, 2 Trevally, 2 Flathead, 2 Javelin  and a Catfish. Jarrod, 2 Cod, 1 Flathead, 1 Queenfish, 1 Trevally and a Javelin while Ian nabbed just the 2 Javelin.

Tuesday the 10th I had Craig Hill from Warrangul, VIC out for a full day charter joined in the afternoon by Daniel Lee and Ben Castles from Melbourne, VIC. Craig had a tally of 8 Queenfish, 12 Trevally, 2 Cod, 1 Golden Snapper and a Catfish. Ben nabbed 2 Javelin, 1 Flathead, 1 Golden Snapper and a Mangrove Jack. Daniel nabbed just the 1 Javelin fish for the session.

Wednesday 11th it was Manuel, Tina and Theo Samarkos from Canberra out for a half day charter where both Manuel and Theo got a solid Brown Mowong each with Theo also getting 2 Bream, a Javelin and a Catfish while Manuel got plagued by Catfish nabbing 5 along with a Flathead.

Thursday 12th it was Wayne Bower from Bathurst, NSW and Steve Beckingham from Mackay, QLD out for a full day charter with Wayne's tally for the day coming in at 7 Trevally, 1 Queenfish, 3 Golden Snapper, 2 Javelin, 1 Cod and a Catfish. Steve's catch consisted of 6 Trevally, 2 Moses Perch, 2 Golden Snapper, 2 Cod and  Blue Threadfin Salmon.

Friday the 13th mat be unlucky for some but not for Trevor and Craig Baust from Adelaide who were out with me for the morning session seeing Trevor nab 5 Silver Trevally, 3 Javelin Fish, 1 Golden Trevally, 1 Golden Snapper, 2 Queenfish and a Estuary Cod. Craig's tally was 3 Silver Trevally, 1 Golden Trevally, 1 Javelin, 2 Golden Snapper and 2 Moses Perch. The afternoon session had me back out with Rod and John Green from Bendigo, VIC. Rod caught 2 Flathead and a Javelin while John nabbed a Golden Snapper, Javelin Fish and a Flathead.

Saturday I did a one on one charter with Jake Cranny from Geelong, VIC seeing Jake catch 6 Parrot Fish, 2 Batfish, a Queenfish and 2 Trevally.

Monday again was a one on one charter with Leo Brown from Perth, WA where we mixed it on the tides to see Leo nab 8 Golden Snapper, 4 Javelin Fish, 1 Cod, 4 Trevally and 2 Queenfish.

Thursday 19th I had Wayne and Steve Reasbeck out for a half day with Steve residing in the UK and Wayne here in Darwin seeing Wayne nab 3 Golden Snapper, a Flathead and a Moses Perch. Steve nabbed 2 Golden Snapper and a Estuary Cod for the session.

Friday the 20th March in the morning session it was Nellie Hays from here in Darwin along with Adam  Briggs and Sarah Fiedler where we fished the low tides in one of the feeder creek systems seeing Nellie bag 3 Javelin Fish and a Golden Snapper while Sarah bagged 2 Estuary Cod and a Golden Snapper and Adam caught a Trevally and a Golden Snapper for the session. The afternoon session we fished a high spring tide with Josh Jared and Taegan Salt from Adelaide with Taegan nabbing Quuenfish and a Golden Trevally which on turn got nabbed in half by a black tip reef shark. Adam was unlucky losing a brown Mowong, also hooked up on a shark and then dropped another quality fish which we didn't see.

Saturday 21st I had Simon Flower and Griffin Money from Perth, WA out for a full day trip where we targeted one of the arm systems with the low tide sitting bang in the middle of the day seeing Simon catch 7 Golden Snapper, 2 Mangrove Jacks, 6 Silver Trevally, 2 Queenfish, a Estuary Cod and 4 Javelin Fish. Griffin's catch was 6 Golden Snapper, 6 Trevally, 1 Mangrove Jack, 1 Javelin and a Estuary Cod.

Sunday 22nd March I had a morning crew with Dave Whiting and Quentin Allen from here in Darwin joined by Quentin's father Peter from Mildura, VIC. The boys had a good session on the high tide targeting Queenfish and Trevally with Dave getting 6 Queenfish, 2 Silver Trevally and 4 Golden Trevally. Quentin caught 3 Golden Trevally, 4 Silver Trevally and 7 Queenfish. Peters catch consisted of 1 Queenfish, 3 Silver Trevally and 4 Golden Trevally. The afternoon session had me out with Peter Levey from Nyora, VIX along with his daughter Stacey from Darwin and Tom Crawford also from Darwin. Peter bagged a Barramundi and a Cod while Stacey caught a nice Queenfish and a Javelin Fish with Tom Bagging just the 1 Flathead.

Monday 23rd I had ben Jenkins and Sion Long from the Central Coast, NSW along with Candice Jenkins from Darwin. The girls both got 2 Queenfish and 2 Trevally each while Ben nabbed 2 Queenfish for the morning session. The afternoon session had me back out with Paul and Nicole Humphrey from Gippsland joined by Dave Parsons from Manchester in the UK. The boys dropped a Barramundi each with Paul nabbing a Queenfish, Cod and a Catfish. Nicole nabbed just a Catfish while Dave caught a Bream.

Tuesday 24th I had an afternoon session with Ross Sheridan and Debbie West from Windsor, NSW along with Steve Fiddaman from Adelaide, SA. Debbie came out trumps with a nice Barramundi, Tarpon, Flathead and a Catfish. Ross bagged a Estuary Cod and a Catfish with Ross bagging a Mangrove Jack and 2 Catfish.

That's all until next time Gus and Gals where I'll attempt to keep you more up to date as the Dry season rolls in up here in the Top End.....Until Then Tight Lines And Screaming Reels To You All. Brian From Anglers Advantage Fishing Charters, Number One In Soft Plastics And Light Tackle Sports Fishing Cover Darwin Harbour In the Northern Territory.



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