Anglers Advantage Fishing Charters Darwin 20-12-2014

Hi everyone, slow on the reports again I know but it's off season here in Darwin now and with the build up it's putrid hot and sticky on the water. The fishing is still good but the tourism activity is quite as is the case also with the build up to Christmas. I'm normally in South East Queensland at this time of year so it's a learning curve as to what business will be like up here this wet season. The humidity certainty isn't affecting the fish here's what's been happening over the last few weeks.

Thursday November 20th was my 1st day back on the water after being overseas in the UK for 2 months and I had Paul Kennedy and Mark Gill from the Gold Coast out with me  for a half day charter seeing Mark nab 6 Javelin Fish, 4 Golden Snapper and a Flathead while Paul bagged 3 Javelin Fish, 3 Golden Snapper and a Golden Trevally.

Saturday Nov 22nd Phil Devereux from Ballarat, Vic came out for a half day stint nabbing a Mangrove Jack, 2 Golden Snapper and a Trevally.

Monday 24th Nov it was Alex Boardman from Moruya, NSW where we did a half day charter around the low tides seeing Alex nab 2 Barramundi, 2 Flathead and a Trevally for the session.

Thursday November 27th I had a crew for the morning session consisting of Mark Davis from Kyabram, VIC along with Gary and Jason Frost from Dunmarra, NT seeing Mark nab 7 Trevally, 2 Queenfish and 2 Moses Perch. Thursday afternoon I had Jason Cetera from Adelaide, Michael Bowman from the Central Coast, NSW and Joe Campbell from the UK. Joe nabbed 2 Golden Sapper and a Bream, Jason nabbed 3 Golden Snapper while Michael bagged 3 Golden Snapper, 2 Javelin Fish, 1 Flathead and a Catfish.

Friday 28th November I had Mark Davis out with me again where we targeted the open harbour shallow reefs on the high tide seeing Mark nab 14 Trevally, 2 Queenfish and a Black Tip Reef Shark on a surface popper for good measure.

Saturday the 29thi had Luke Speight and Shannon Landmark from Katherine, NT along with Anika Jeppesen from here in Darwin where we did a half day afternoon charter seeing Anika nab a nice Brown Mowong, 2 Javelin and a Longtom. Shannon caught a Trevally, Cod and a Catfish while Luke bagged a Javelin, Cod and a Catfish.

Sunday 30th was a full day charter with  a by now regular Jason Cetera from Adelaide along with Ben Espie from here in Darwin. Jason caught 2 Queenfish, 5 Golden Snapper, 12 Trevally, 1 Flathead, 3 Javelin, a Black Tip and 2 Catfish. Ben's catch consisted of 13 Trevally, 2 Queenfish, 5 Golden Snapper, 4 Javelin and a Parrot Fish.

December Monday 1st it was Tony Cameron from Narooma, NSW along with Lee Hordpenko also from Narooma seeing Tony bag a Queenfish, 8 Golden Snapper, 3 Moses Perch, a Cod and a Catfish. Lee nabbed 11 Golden Snapper for the session. Monday afternoon I had Grant, Josh and Jeremy Thomas from Sydney out with me seeing Grant catch 3 Trevally and a Parrot Fish, Josh caught 3 Trevally while Jeremy nabbed a Queenfish and 3 Trevally.

Tuesday 2nd December I had Andreas Voulelakis from Sydney out with me seeing him nab a Brown Mowong, 7 Javelin Fish, a Cod and a Catfish.

Wednesday the 3rd December it was a crew of Jo Brockman and Nick Pierce from Perth with Jo faring the better nabbing 1 Javelin and 4 Catfish and nick just nabbing the 1 Javelin Fish.

Thursday 4th It was George Tepania from NZ  and Ronnie Edler from Austria where the boys had a better performance seeing George nab 3 Mangrove Jack, 4 Javelin Fish, 1 Flathead, 3 Golden Snapper, 1 Queenfish, 3 Trevally and 2 Catfish. Ronnie nabbed 3 Trevally, 3 Mangrove Jacks, 2 Golden Snapper, 4 Javelin and a Flathead.

December 8th I did a full day session with Richard Wilson from Zimbabwe seeing Richard catch a Barramundi, 4 Mangrove Jacks, 5 Javelin, 3 Golden Snapper, 3 Cod and a Tarpon for the day.

Saturday 13th I again had a full day with Jack Clifford and Thomas Pemberton from Warrnambool, VIC with jack nabbing 2 Tarpon, 4 Golden Snapper, 1 Javelin and 10 Trevally. Thomas caught 2 Cod, 1 Flathead, 12 Trevally, 2 Queenfish, 2 Javelin and 5 Golden Snapper.

Monday 15th in the afternoon I brought out Peter Cresey, Mark Armstrong and Rob Bush from Perth, WA with Peter nabbng 2 Trevally, 2 Catfish, a Golden Snapper and 2 Javelin Fish. Mark caught 2 Javelin, 2 Golden Snapper and 2 Catfish while Rob bagged a Flathead and a Golden Snapper.

Thursday 18th I did a full day charter with Nick Divak from Coffin Bay, SA where Nick got stuck in and had the rod bent consistently bagging 16 Golden Snapper, 10 Javelin Fish, 2 Queenfish, 2 Trevally, a Cod and a Mangrove Jack.

That's it until next time everyone,  you can check my daily reports on Facebook at  Until the next report Tight Lines And Screaming Reels To You All, Brian From Anglers Advantage Fishing Charters, Number One In Personalised Tuition of Soft plastics And Light Tackle Sports Fishing Covering Darwin In the NT and Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

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