Anglers Advantage Fishing Charters Darwin 16-09-2014

Hi all, here's the latest report on who's been out and what's been caught on the water up here in Darwin. as we are now in mid September the mercury is slowly rising and the build up is on the way which has seen some increased Barra activity in the last week on the big spring tides.

Saturday August 30th had me out in the morning session with Wayne Farmlow from Sydney along with Roger and Emilo Porter from Perth with Emilo doing the honours and catching a Golden Trevally, 2 Silver Trevally  and 2 Bream, Roger nabbed a Golden Trevally, Silver Trevally and a Bream while Wayne got just the 1 Bream for the session. The afternoon had  me back out again with Andy Wright, Julie Baxton and Darrell Hoskin from Tatura, VIC seeing Andy nab a Bream and a Cod while Julie bagged a Bream and a Catfish on the neap tides.

Sunday 31st I had a half day session with Barry Miles from Perth and Dean and Jim McCormick from the Gold Coast where Dean bagged a Golden Snapper, Cod and a Catfish while Barry nabbed a Golden Snapper.

Monday September 1st and as the tides began to improve I had Ron Jarr from Bendigo, VIC along with Alex Hecf from Germany out for a half day charter with Alex getting a Queenfish while Ron nabbed a Golden Trevally and 2 Javelin Fish.

Tuesday September 2nd and I had a full day charter with Warren Mcintyre from Perth along with Glen Simmons from Cooma, NSW and Bruce Wright from Tasmania. Bruce got 3 Golden Snapper, 2 Javelin and 2 Queenfish while Glen caught a Trevally, 3 Golden Snapper, 3 Javelin Fish, 2 Queenfish and a Cod. Warren got the only Barramundi of the day along with a trevally and a Golden Snapper.

Wednesday 3rd September I had Peter and Michelle Sandell-Hay from Musswellbrook, NSW along with Campbell Hackett from Melbourne out for an afternoon charter with Peter getting 6 Javelin Fish, a Queenfish, a Bream, a Flathead and a Catfish while Michelle got 3 Javelin and a Catfish and Campbell nabbed 2 Javelin, a Brown Mowong, a Bream and a Catfish.

Thursday the 4th September it was a full day charter with Teresa Stewart from Bundaberg, QLD and Murray Wood from Bowral, NSW with Murray getting a Cobia, 2 Queenfish, 2 Cod, 2 Javelin, 4 Batfish and a Trevally while Teresa caught 4 Javelin, a Trevally, a Bream, a Cod and a Batfish.

Saturday September 6th and in the morning crew I had Morgan Andrews from the UK along with Gary Smith from Ireland and Steve McClafferty from Scotland with Morgan getting a Brown Mowong and 2 Javelin Fish, Steve getting 2 Javelin, a Blue Threadfin Salmon, a Brown Mowong and a Queenfish and Gary nabbing 2 Javelin and a Trevally. In the afternoon I had Roger and Judy Spencer from Melbourne out with me seeing Judy nab 6 Golden Snapper and 2 Javelin while Roger bagged 3 Javelin and a Golden Snapper.

Sunday the 7th and in the morning it was the turn of Kimba Martz from Newcastle, NSW along with Gerry Cribbin and Steve Earley from Ireland with Gerry getting a Golden Snapper, Javelin, 2 Cod and a Flathead, Steve nabbed 2 Trevally, a Golden Snapper and 2 Javelin while Kimba got 2 Golden Snapper, a Queenfish, a Blue Threadfin Salmon, a Flathead and a Javelin. The afternoon had me back out again with Denis Fuller and Dave Flinn from here in Darwin where on the high tides and strong winds we took shelter on one the headlands seeing Denis get 6 Tuskfish, a Flathead and 3 Estuary Cod while Dave nabbed 4 Tuskfish and 2 Cod.

Monday 8th September in the morning session again I had Kimba Martz from Newcastle, NSW along with Douglas and Luke Harland from Melbourne and Darwin respectfully with Kimba getting stuck into the species nabbing 3 Javelin, a Golden Snapper, a Trevally, 2 Flathead, a Cod, a Silver Mowong and 3 Tuskfish. Luke nabbed 4 Javelin Fish for his stint. The afternoon had me back out with Bill Halberstater from Mackay along with his son Billy. Bill nabbed a Flathead, a Trevally, a Tuskfish, Queenfish and a Golden Snapper while Billy nabbed a Trevally.

Tuesday the 9th I was out with Lenny Hembury from Adelaide and Bill Keegan from here in Darwin where we fished one of the arm systems seeing Lenny nab a Mangrove Jack, 3 Javelin and a Golden Snapper with Bill getting a prized Barramundi along with a Golden Snapper, Flathead, Tuskfish and a Estuary Cod.

Wednesday the 10th and I had Trudy O Donnell and Mike Pearce from Bendigo, VIC along with David Martin from Ballarat, VIC where we did a half day charter in one of the feeder creek systems seeing David get 3 Barramundi in quick succession along with a balck Tip Shark off one of the drain mouths, 2 Golden Snapper, a Flathead, a Javelin Fish and a Moses Perch. Trudy nabbed 4 Bream, a Flathead and a Moses Perch while Mike got 2 Trevally, a Cod, 4 Bream, a Mangrove Jack, a Whiting and a Golden Snapper.

Thursday the 11th it was the turn of Rachael Boyd and Nick Roberts where the guys fished hard for little reward but did see Rachael nab a very solid Mangrove Jack along with a Javelin.

Friday the 12th and in the morning I had Nick Clarke and Kerry Baines from Cooma, NSW where on the big spring tides in the morning we struggled seeing Nick nab just a Javelin and a Estuary Cod. In the afternoon session as the tides abated and on the lows it was a different story for Philip Scadendof from Germany along with Peter and Tabya Perikow from Brisbane. Philip managed 4 Barramundi along with3 Flathead and a Javelin Fish, Peter bagged 3 Barramundi, a Catfish and a Flathead while Tanya nabbed a Barramundi and 2 Catfish.

Saturday the 13th it was Ben Pepi and Holly Golden stein from here in Darwin along with Darren Heck from the Gold Coast seeing Darren nab a nice 60cm Barramundi while Holly nabbed a Barramundi, Catfish and a flathead while Ben nabbed a Barramundi, Mangrove Jack and a Flathead.

Sunday the 14th and an afternoon session had me out with Dennis Fuller and Dave Flinn where Dave got 2 Barramundi, 2 Estuary Cod, a Javelin Fish, Trevally and a Catfish while Denis  nabbed 2 Flathead, a Bream and a Trevally.

Monday the 16th I had a half day afternoon session with Diane Sterling from Sydney, Rhonda Thiedeman from Coffs Harbour and Brett Woods from Melbourne with Diane getting a Bream and a Catfish, Rhonda nabbed a Trevally, a Queenfish and a Catfish while Brett caught 2 Flathead, a Bream and a Catfish.

That's all until the next full report everyone, Until Then Tight Lines And Screaming Reels To You All, Brian From Anglers Advantage Fishing Charters, Number One In Soft Plastics And Light tackle Sports Fishing Covering Darwin In the Top End and Queensland's Sunshine Coast.


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